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Marta Misztal Bloch is the titular organist of the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes de Madrid ( Santa, Ponitificia y Real Hermandad del Refugio y Piedad de Madrid ) Marta Misztal Bloch was born in Zakopane (Poland), where she started her musical studies at the Mieczysław Karłowicz School of Music under Prof. Lidia Długołęcka. These studies were accompanied by studies of sculpture at the Antoni Kenar secondary school of plastic arts in the same town, and subsequently at the Academy of Art in Warsaw, and later, in the years 1989-1995 at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris. In 1995 she moved to Madrid. There she studied the organ under Prof. Anselmo Serna Bustamante at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Arturo Soria, and later under Prof. Miguel del Barco at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música, where she graduated with distinction. In Spain she has attended a number of courses, on the iberian organ and on organ-playing in general: (imparted by Professors: Montserrat Torrent, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini , Guido Iotti , Jean-Claude Zehnder . Andrés Cea Galán, Lucía Riaño, Miguel Bernal, Adolfo Gutiérrez Viejo, Paolo Crivellaro , Antonio Duarte , Jan Willem Jansen , Josep Más y Bonet, Louis Jambou, Enrico Viccardi ...) - Curso de Iniciación al Órgano Barroco Español (the course of Initiation to the Spanish Baroque Organ) (Medina de Ríoseco) - Curso Internacional de Órgano (the International Course of Organ-playing (Santander) - several editions of the Academia de Órgano de Andalucía (T he Andalusian Organ Academy ) (Marchena, Sevilla) - A cademia Internacional de Órgano de Granada ( Granada International Organ Academy ) - Curso de Música Antigua para Órgano ( the course of Organ Ancient Music ) (Trujillo) - various editions of the Curs d’Orgue de Maresme (Cabrera del Mar) - Curso de Música Iberica Antigua en la Rioja Alavesa ( the course of Ancient Iberian Music in Rioja Alavesa ) (Labastida) - La Facultad Orgánica de F. Correa Arauxo ( The Facultad Orgánica of F. Correa Arauxo ) (Terrasa) - Interpretación de Música Española para Órgano (t he course of Interpretation of Spanish Music for the Organ ) (Madrid) - XVLIV edición de Música en Compostela ( the XLIV edition of Música en Compostela) (Santiago de Compostela)... During these courses she was able to study and play old iberian organs distributed over the whole of Spain. She has also attended master-classes in various countries, and in particular those imparted by Prof. Lorenzo Ghielmi - ( Laboratorio J. S. Bach- In Tempore Organi , Arona, Italia) and by Prof. Jean-Claude Zehnder: - Internationale Orgelwoche (Naumburg, Germany, organ by Zacharias Hildebrandt 1746, Prof. Jean-Claude Zehnder, Prof. Christoph Bossert ) - International Summer Music Academy- Leipzig (Brandenburg, Alemania, organ by Joachim Wagner 1725, course organized by the Hochschule für Musik of Leipzig and The Julliard School of New York. Marta Misztal attended this course on a scholarship). Professors: Jean-Claude Zehnder, Christoph Krummacher , Arvid Gast , Ullrich Böhme ).